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DBT or Coping Skills 4 life

    CopingSkills4Life is a way to learn how to regulate how you feel if you are stressed. A lot of people don’t know they are stressed until they develop problems sleeping, or feeling so anxious all the time or crying at the drop of a hat or they can’t continue doing the things they used to. People try ways of coping that don’t work very well such as drinking alcohol or eating late at night. Stress can be from a lot of varied things from too long hours without breaks to not sleeping well or never having learned how to cope with every day life or be able to tolerate distress.

People need  coping skills in order to be effective with others. A person needs to be able to work with others so that they don’t lose out on a job or misunderstand what is going on. CopingSkills4LIfe can help people to learn what to do and how to do it. Continue reading

Addiction and Mental Health are effected by your genetics!

avalon-logo Addiction and mental health are effected by your genetics. Those neurotransmitters or lack of neurotransmitters come from your inherited genes. These are what will affect you getting and staying sober.To get and stay sober there is a balancing act that must occur in the neurotransmitter system. It is  this that is unique to the individual and this coupled with the drugs of abuse that work on these systems is what makes withdrawal so difficult.

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Addiction Treatment at Avalon Center

Avalon Center provides addiction treatment for men and women who want to know more about themselves. It is hard work stopping use of substances and alcohol. A number of things including our genetics goes into a person continuing to use drugs or drink alcohol. That is why Avalon Center provides addiction treatment that addresses the whole person. Most people have not seen a doctor in years or know how to care for themselves in this respect because the addiction was all there was. Everything else can go by the wayside. The normal things that we might learn about if we weren’t creating a barrier of alcohol or drugs are still there for us to learn about. That’s right. That is what I said we can learn to have better understanding of our selves, our emotions, our moods, our relationships. We can be responsible people for our selves and our future. Continue reading

Avalon Center

Welcome to the Avalon Blog! Discussions will center on many things related to addiction and mental health. The first topic is: why does Avalon address more than just addiction? Avalon addresses the whole person and all of the issues that come with that person. The underlying contributing factors need to be addressed if we want to help people stop drinking/using and learn to cope with their life. Continue reading

Welcome to Avalon Center

Avalon is here to help you change your life and start on the road to Recovery. Avalon Center can help get your life back on track! We are a Washington State Certified Agency treating those suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health problems. We offer personalized counseling in a comfortable treatment environment.