Addiction Treatment at Avalon Center

Avalon Center provides addiction treatment for men and women who want to know more about themselves. It is hard work stopping use of substances and alcohol. A number of things including our genetics goes into a person continuing to use drugs or drink alcohol. That is why Avalon Center provides addiction treatment that addresses the whole person. Most people have not seen a doctor in years or know how to care for themselves in this respect because the addiction was all there was. Everything else can go by the wayside. The normal things that we might learn about if we weren’t creating a barrier of alcohol or drugs are still there for us to learn about. That’s right. That is what I said we can learn to have better understanding of our selves, our emotions, our moods, our relationships. We can be responsible people for our selves and our future. Addiction treatment is the first place to start. That along with the support from other sober support people.  A person can become addicted at any time of their life… That means even at age 55 or 60 or 65 or at 12, 20 or ….?. The disease of addiction can strike at any time. The genetics we carry with us can be triggered at any time given the right circumstances. In other words the brain’s  neurotransmitter levels can be out of balance from many things. This means that anything can trigger an imbalance. It can be in the making for years or the right circumstances come to together at any time. The brain and body are most wonderful. It has built in mechanisms that can help raise the red flag when we need help. The problem comes when we do not recognize it. It may have started when we were very young and we could not pay attention to things in order to survive. Survival is the most important thing. We do anything and everything to survive. The problem is that often this survival mechanism doesn’t work anymore when we get older it just gets us into trouble.