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DBT or Coping Skills 4 life

    CopingSkills4Life is a way to learn how to regulate how you feel if you are stressed. A lot of people don’t know they are stressed until they develop problems sleeping, or feeling so anxious all the time or crying at the drop of a hat or they can’t continue doing the things they used to. People try ways of coping that don’t work very well such as drinking alcohol or eating late at night. Stress can be from a lot of varied things from too long hours without breaks to not sleeping well or never having learned how to cope with every day life or be able to tolerate distress.

People need  coping skills in order to be effective with others. A person needs to be able to work with others so that they don’t lose out on a job or misunderstand what is going on. CopingSkills4LIfe can help people to learn what to do and how to do it. Continue reading