Our Services

Avalon Center offer a variety of treatment options. We understand that people have different needs and expectations for their treatment. The types of structure or programs we offer are designed so that employment may continue uninterrupted. Morning, evening groups and individual appointments are available. Each person has an individualized treatment plan developed for them. Privacy and security are an issue and you can be assured are not compromised.


A basic evaluation to determine the extent and nature of an individual’s involvement with alcohol and / or drugs, and possible need for treatment. Call us at 206-935-6228 to schedule your assessment.

DUI Assessments

A DUI assessment is an assessment required by the court in the case of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest. Only State authorized Chemical Dependency agencies may accomplish DUI assessments. The required paperwork to complete the assessment is as follows: Blood Alcohol test, all charging paperwork from the arrest and any paperwork from the court, Department of Licensing Drivers Abstract for the last 5 years, Criminal History and any other pertinent paperwork. Avalon Center works with the person’s attorney with providing a report in a timely manner to the attorney and if authorized to do so then to the court. An appointment is needed for a DUI Assessment and often times may be done the same day or within twenty four (24) hours of the call. It takes approximately 5-7 days to complete the assessment. If it is needed a letter can be written to the court stating that an assessment was accomplished.

Men’s Program

Men have a specific program tailored just for them. Men have different needs than women. The program is specific to the individual while meeting state criteria. The participants often have a DUI Charge against them or they may be in a deferred Prosecution program. The men have the opportunity to meet individually with a counselor as well as participate in a group. Mental health evaluation and treatment are available simultaneously. Coping skills group is also available.

Women’s Program

Women have a specific program tailored just for them. Women have different needs and wants. There may be a legal charge with a DUI or the woman might be seeking help on her own. There is individual counseling, group, and coping skills group. Mental health evaluation and treatment is also available. If ongoing therapy is needed that is available.

Mental Health

Depression, mood swings, anxiety, ADHD are all some of the issues that contribute to a person continuing to relapse. Often the person is not getting the support (medications or supplements, nutrition) that they need to balance their neurotransmitters. This imbalance is made worse by the effect of drugs and alcohol on the brain. It can be a vicious cycle. Learn how they can get off the merry go round by coming to one of our informative and educational workshops. Call for information about the next one.

Family and Addictions

Families need to understand how to best reach their loved one in order to help them to stop using or drinking. It can be very frustrating to do this. Learning what to say and what to do without losing it and still be OK with yourself can be a challenge. If you are interested in learning more please contact us.


CopingSkills4LIfe Coaching Program

Copingskill4life On Line Coaching Program.  This is a follow on to our Coping Skills 4 Life Group. Copingskills4life On LIne Coaching Program is focused on continuing to encourage the practice of coping skills. This helps to identify patterns of behavior and obstacles  that block the person from continuing their life in a healthy way. This program is not only for those who have finished the introductory Copingskill4life Group. Anyone can participate in this group on line to learn the skills to live life in health. Call for a free consultation.