About Avalon Center

Avalon Center, Inc., is for treating those persons who are having difficulty with pain and suffering resulting in mental health and addiction problems. We offer personalized counseling in a comfortable treatment environment. Both groups and individual sessions are available.

Each person needs an individualized approach which includes healing the mind, body, and spirit. The first step is to evaluate and understand what is causing the pain and suffering resulting in the symptoms that are seen. Then a plan is developed with the individual to provide the most support and select the best treatment.

Treatment providers educate clients on addiction, mental health, coping skills and what goes into life and recovery.

Avalon Center was formed in 2007 by Diane Hutcheson, ARNP who had the vision to combine both the most effective mental health treatment with addiction treatment.In 2008 she moved to separating the treatment for  Men and Women. Men and Women have different needs and different ways of dealing with life issues.